Other Features

Other Features


As a buyer you can leave suitable feedback for your purchase from within the members area. Once within the members area you can filter your feedback by pending feedback and previously left feedback. To leave feedback comments/ratings:-

  • Log in to your account and proceed to Members Area > Feedback > Pending Feedback
  • Select the item(s) you wish to leave feedback for, once you have selected the item(s) click on the "Leave Feedback" button
  • Select your general rating from the three options available (Positive, Neutral, Negative) and secondly enter any comments you have.

Once submitted the feedback will be automatically update the sellers overall feedback rating, any comments left will be visible on the sellers feedback profile page.

Buyer/Seller Verification

If admin enabled buyers and selected can become verified members. dependent on admin settings verification can be optional or mandatory.

  • Sellers - potential buyers are made aware that you are a verified seller
  • Sellers - confirmation of your verified status will appear next to your profile and username in all areas
  • Buyers - sellers will have additional evidence of your identity

You can start the verification process by:-

  • Log in to your account and proceed to Members Area > Summary
  • Click on the "Get Verified" button to start the verification process
  • View and confirm your account details (Name, Address etc.), once confirmed click on the "Get Verified" button
  • Select your preferred payment method in order to complete the verification fee payment
  • Once verification payment has been authorized your account is automatically updated to Verified.
Messaging System

The messaging system enables buyers and sellers to communicate with each other on-site. Each won/sold product or auction has a unique message board automatically created. The messaging system is accessed within the Members Area > Messages.


If you are a seller and/or store owner you can create custom vouchers/coupons to be redeemed against your listed auctions or products. To create a voucher:-

  • Log in to the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Seller Vouchers
  • Click on the "Create Voucher" button
  • Enter a name for your voucher e.g. "September Special"
  • Create your voucher code, this can be anything you prefer e.g. "SEPT-50%", any preferred code can be used.
  • Enter the reduction amount, you can enter the amount as a percentage or set amount
  • Select an expiration date on the voucher
  • Select the number of times the voucher can be redeemed (left empty if the voucher simply expires based on the expiration date)
  • Select any open auctions/products the voucher applies to or enable it for all your open auctions/products.
Watched Items

If there is a particular auction you are interested in but not yet ready to place a bid you can add the auction to your watched item list. Any bids placed on the item will trigger an email to your registered email address to keep you updated. To add an auction to your watch list:-

  • On the auction details page click on the "Watch Item" button
  • The item is now added to your list of watched items, you can view/manage all watched items from within the Members Area > Buying > Buyer Tools > Watched Items.
Favourite Stores

If there a particular store which lists products you are interested in you can add the store to your list of favourite stores, each time a new item is listed within the store you will receive email notification. To add a new favourite store:-

  • Visit the store front you wish to add
  • Click on the "Add to Favourites" button

You can now view/manage all favourite stores from within Members Area > Buying > Buyer Tools > Favourite Stores.

Fees Calculator

If you are a seller or are interested in listing an auction or product you can calculate how many it will cost you to list your item without having to go through the complete listing process. The fee calculator is accessible within the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Fees Calculator.

Prefilled Fields

If you are a regular seller you can shorten the listing process by setting up prefilled fields. These fields are the common fields used during the listing process, if you tend to sell the same type of item this can assist by speeding up the listing process. Any prefilled fields setup within Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Prefilled Fields will be automatically completed when you list a new auction or product for sale. Prefilled fields cover:-

  • Item title
  • Item Description
  • Currency
  • Duration
  • Auto Re-List settings
  • Location Settings
  • Shipping Settings
  • Payment Settings
Account History/Invoicing

If you are a seller you can view and search through your fees and invoices. To access to your billing history and view/print invoices navigate to Members Area > My Account > Account History. From here you can filter all records by credits, debits, receipts etc.