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Mike Foley
Owner at dugupcoin.com 23 Abercrombie gardensSouthampton

To Whom It may concern
I am writing you concerning a sponsorship opportunity with the dugupcoin.com group. I know that that your busines is mostly metal detecting both selling machines & accessories both from a shop and online, we would like to take this opportunity to ask would it be possible for a small sponership on a monthly basis which we can advertise on our dugupcoin.com auction page and it would be something we would appreciate, we also run a Facebook page which has currently over 2500 members In 2016 and where you can advertise your products there and could be shared in many countries around the world.
Maybe this is something you can give some careful cosideration.
Best regards
Mike Foley

Hi how it has been working is like this

We can put your site on the free auction site dugupcoin.com

With a banner on the left and right had side or a banner on the top of the page

The best way is we run a raffle prize every month the prize comes from a sponsorship

For this we will put your name in front of the Facebook group and on the site we share the add all over Facebook



hope this helps

thanks from mike Foley